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Cassette Cleaning System TCC-803

  • Cassette Cleaning System TCC-803

– Domestic sales only –

The compact TCC-803 cassette cleaning system is ideal for high-mix and low-volume production. The system is designed to perform precision cleaning of the wafer cassettes, carriers, and boxes used in high-end, high-value-added manufacturing processes.

The diversification of semiconductor devices has driven an evolution in design rules at the nanometer scale and boosted demand for greater yields in the context of increasingly sophisticated environments. Contamination control is a critical issue in meeting the resulting challenges.

Technovision’s TCC-803 cassette cleaning system originates from the advanced cleaning knowhow required to support such high-level cleaning tasks.


Features Description
Precision Cleaning Holder travels upward and downward and rotates clockwise and counterclockwise.
Powerful cleaning Spray at a proper angle to the slot.
Hot DIW Cleaning with Hot DI water supplied from the built-in heater.
Dry Dual dry process.
Small foot-print Space-saving upright design.

Cleaning process

Cleaning is performed automatically as follows: “Wash”⇒”Rinse”⇒”Dry-1″⇒”Dry-2″⇒”ESD(Static electricity removal)”.


Cleaning process Description
1:WASH Precision cleaning for complex cassette and box shapes.
2:RINSE Rinse process uses a surfactant in the wash process.
3:DRY-1 Dry process based on air knife blower.
4:DRY-2 Final dry via low flow hot air knife.
5:ESD(Static electricity removal) Removes static electricity to prevent dust re-adhesion.


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