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May. 2012

【Coming soon "TWC-300A" fully automatic mask cleaning system support up to 14 inches】

TWC-300A fully automatic mask cleaning system supports up to 14 inches mask will be released soon.

"TWC-200A" support up to 7 inches has been developed and provided to many customers,
and we had received many requirements from other customers about supporting over than 9 inches.

This time, we have announced to provide the latest fully automatic mask cleaning system support up to 14 inches.

1: It doesn't use any dangerous hot sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid-hydrogen peroxide and organic solvent.
2:Eco-friendly alkaline water-soluble chemicals has been developed with chemical manufacturers.
3: Complete removal of Resist and Resist residue.
4:To provide hardware(equipment) and software(cleaning know-how and recipes)
5:Complete removal of particles larger than 1 μm