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UV curing system is a device to irradiate the ultraviolet(UV) wavelength of 365nm. It irradiates the UV to the UV curing tape used in the wafer process(dicing and back-grinding).

UV irradiation is able to easily remove chip or wafer from the tape which had a strong adhesive.

UV curing
1.Low temp. irradiation
UV irradiation at low temperature reduce the damage to the workpiece.
2.Long life
Life of LED is much longer than in the mercury lamp,
and saving the time of changing light source.
3.Quick start
Start work immediately since the device start quickly after turning on the switch.
4.Low power consunption
LED is possible to reduce power consumption compares to the mercury lamp.
No ozone generation
Environmentally friendly doesn't contain harmful substances,
Contributing to the CO2 reduction
UV curing feature
1.High power irradiation
Curing performance superior to conventional device
 ⇒ ex.) 300mW/cm2 at 10mm work distance
2.High power driver
High performance by developing our own LED drivers.
3.Small flow
Lower running costs through proprietary high-efficiency and small flow N2-substituted
4.Small and light
Device size is small and tabletop
5.Short time
8 inch wafer is confirmed to cure in about 12 seconds at 300mW/cm2 illuminance.(*1)
*1:Enable irradiation area... 275mm(DTF2-8-1)
UV Curing function
1.Settings of irradiation speed
2.Selection of irradiation operation
3.Registration of conditions(Recipe)
4.Settings of N2-substituted and exhaust time
5.Interlock mechanism
6.Simple operation settings ...etc.
UV curing
product line
LED light source
CtoC automatic model
Hg lamp model Low cost black light model

Provide fully automatic LED UV curing equipment

Possible to irradiate UV uniformly since irradiating the workpiece while rotating.

Low-cost model is suitable for low-volume production and R&D.

Full-auto UV Curing system Hg lamp UV Curing system Black light source UV Curing system