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UV Curing System

UV curing system is an equipment to ease of peeling UV-tape after UV exposure / irradiation. The tape is UV tape for surface protection during back grinding and dicing tape in the process of the wafer processing.

LED Models

LED UV curing system uses the LED(Light Emitting Diode) light source for UV exposure. Curing performance(state of cure, curing speed) is no difference compared to conventional(metal halide light source and high pressure mercury lamp) equipment, and provide sufficient performance.

There are numerous LED benefits such as less damage to the workpiece by exposure at normal temp., very long lifetimes, low power consumption and safety for replacing the light source because it does not get hot in comparison with mercury lamp.

Adopt high-output LED driver developed by Technovision , achieve the exposure output of 250mW/cm2 (10mm work distance).

Automatic LED UV exposure equipment (Cassette to Cassette) CtoC is available.
In addition, Modulization such as embedded equipment is acceptable.


exposure at normal TEMP
A momentary light source standup.
Eliminate the variability of illuminance
Adopted 365nm wavelength,
all UV tapes are supported.
Built-in few flow auto-N2 purge
Small and light, table-top
LED UV light source
LED UV light source

LED UV curing UVC-300

Up to 200mm/8”Model UVC-200
Up to 300mm/12”Model UVC-300
Dimensions : 750(W)×600(D)×570(H)

LED UV curing UVC-300A

CtoC automatic model: UVC-300A


UVC-300A introduction movie (5m18s)

High-Pressure Hg Lamp Models

There are two high-pressure Hg lamp models: one supporting up to 200 mm (8") wafers and the other supporting up to 300 mm (12") wafers. These UV curing systems provide uniform exposure to the entire area of a rotating workpiece.

Furthermore, these Hg lamp model UV curing systems are equipped with a proprietary, high-efficiency, low flow rate N2 purge function. This allows significantly lower level of N2 usage compared with existing systems, while ensuring the proper displacement.

Not only do these characteristics contribute to lower running costs by reducing the consumption of power and gas.

They also improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process as a whole by reducing the system cost and minimizing usage of precious clean room floor space.
(Above features, pat. pending)

200mm/8 UV Curing system

Supporting wafers up to 200 mm (8")
Model: UVC-408
Dimensions: 400(W)×665(D)×435(H)

300mm/12 UV Curing system

Supporting Wafers up to 300 mm (12")
Model: UVC-512
Dimensions: 650(W)×800(D)×980 (H)

Black Light UV Curing system

Equipped with a black light as the light source for curing, this low-cost model is ideal for R&D and low volume production of wafers up to 200 mm (8").

With the light source arranged so as to produce high density, the system provides uniform curing.

This black light UV curing system has the same functions as the high-pressure Hg lamp model, including the irradiation timer, the N2 purge function to protect the curing performance from the influence of oxygen, and the safety devices.

Black Light UV Curing system

Supporting wafers up to 200 mm (8")
Model: UVB-608
Dimensions: 455(W)×520(D)×245(H)

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