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Mask Cleaning System TWC-302

"TWC-302" simple mask cleaning system is a simplified cleaning equipment to remove the larger than 1μm particles adhering to the mask.

"TWC-302" have two tanks for mask cleaning equipment, mask is a brush-scrubbed and rinsed in the first tank for removing particles adhered to the mask.

In the second tank, the process is hot DIW drying. Simple and superior quality drying system are provided.

Cleaning with chemical solution is provided as an option in the scrubbing of the first tank, it is possible to clean the resist residue.

simple mask cleaning TWC-302


Particle removal

Particles adhering to the photomask is transferred to work as part of a pattern that almost shut down the light at the time of exposure becomes cause of the occurrence of defective products. In order to prevent problems like this, Technovision developed a model TWC-300 based on the thought of "Managing cleaning of the mask is an important part of the exposure process".

Resist removal

Resist adhering to the mask have two types of contamination which are strong contamination and light contamination adhered in the normal process. Strong contamination is unknown the using track record stored a long period of time without being washed or for testing purposes.

"TWC-302" is supported up to 14 inch mask size.
"TWC-202" support up to 7 inches is scheduled to develop.


■Best suited for cleaning of photomask larger than 1μm design rule L / S(Line and space)

such as FPD (flat panel display), MEMS devices, fine patterns PCB / FPC / TAB, compound semiconductor, electronic components and thin film.

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