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mask cleaning

"TWC-200A" fully automatic mask cleaning system is a cleaning equipment
which specialized in cleaning of the mask used at proximity and contact exposure process.

Mask Cleaning process

■Mask Cleaning Process

①Set the masks into the cassette on the loader
     → Start mask cleaning one by one automatically.

②Dipping the mask into the chemicals
     − Remove the resist.

③Rinse in DI water
     − Immersion rinse by DI water.

④Scrub and rinse
     − Remove particles by roll brushes and
       spraying detergent.
     − Rinse by DI water spray

⑤Drying by hot DI water
     → Return to the same cassette.

Set the cassette installed masks,
and only push the start button.
Release from the dangerous chemicals such as hot sulfuric acid
and sulfuric acid-hydrogen peroxide.
3:Cost effectiveness
Mask can be used permanently. Cost reduced can be 10M yen* every month.
*The masks assume change when expose 100 times a day and 5 or 6 kinds of masks are used for the one product.
It calculated for 50,000 to 80,000 yen a mask.
1.Remove particles larger than 1 micro meter.
2.Chemicals developed with chemical professional manufacturer are eco-friendly and mild.
3.Scrub is non-scratch washing on Mask surface.
4.Double-sided mask cleaning.
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