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Grip Rings

Grip rings reinforced plastic double rings consist of inner and outer rings.

Grip Rings
Grip Rings

The grip rings hold elastic film/tape, cloth, and paper taut between their inner and outer rings. The rings are easy to remove and are reusable.

Wafer expansion after dicing
Substitute for metal dicing frames
Wafer/film attachment jig

■Available in four sizes

   Inner ring ID/OD Outer ring ID/OD
GR-4 140mm / 146mm 146mm / 152mm
GR-5 170mm / 178mm 178mm / 186mm
GR-6 195mm / 203mm 203mm / 210mm
GR-8 227mm / 237mm 237mm / 247mm
GR-12 * 331.5 mm / 347 mm 347 mm / 357 mm

* The size of GR-12 is set in consideration of a real process
- Sample is available.(Sample of GR-12 is the prototype.)

■A grip ring cassette is also available.

Grip Ring

Grip ring cassette


Technovision grip rings are bidirectional rings that can be applied in either direction, thus providing the following advantages.


These grip rings are the only ones available that can be applied in either direction.

Even in an assembly process involving heavy use of grip rings, these rings relieve operators of the need to perform time-consuming and troublesome direction checks.

This in turn relieves them of pain in their hands and fingers, significantly improving their work efficiency.

Prevents tapes and films from tearing or breaking.
Eliminates the need to check the direction of the grip ring.
Allows even unskilled operators to do work safely.
The rings have no sharp edges that would hurt hands or fingers.
Further prevent tapes and films from tearing or breaking by eliminating projections (gate) caused by plastic injection.

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