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wafer mounter

Wafer mounter is a tape laminating device which laminates "wafer", "dicing frame" and "tape" without bubble.

Wafer mounter use for some applications. Dicing applications for the chip so that they do not fall apart after wafer dicing, DAF application is laminating (DAF) adhesive tape in advance, Protection application of surface protection during back-grinding and so on.

wafer mounter
wafer mounter
1:Bubble free
Laminating properly between the wafer and tape without a bubble.
2:Useful cutter
Cutting out the waste tape by circular cutter and horizontal cutter.
3:Easy work
Easy work with excellent operability, and a stable process.
4:Variety of appli.
Support a variety of applications such as some tapes and manual/semi-auto operarion.
Avalable customization for customer specifications.
wafer mounter features
1.Built-in self-balancing mechanism of the sticking roller.
2.Built-in circular cutter and horizontal cutter
3.Built-in the core of the separator
4.Available for ESD support
5.Support various tapes
FM features
laminating procedure

Laminating procedure of manual type wafer mounter

1.Open the cover and set the rolled tape.

2.Open the lid from the front to the back, and place a workpiece.
  → positioning by orientation flat or notch of the workpiece.
  → The workpiece is fixed by vacuum suction.
3.Pull out the tape to the front side of the device.
  → The separator is automatically wound.
4.Move the sticking roller back and forth(tape laminating)
5.Close the lid, and cut the waste tape by circular cutter
and horizontal cutter.
product family
FM-224 series FM-334 series FM-664 series FM-900 series
Manual type device. Simple mechanism, maintenance-free. Semi-auto type device. Small table-top. Semi-auto type device. Combined pre-cut and normal tape. Semi-auto type device. Normal tape for only 8 inches.
wafer mounter/ tape mounter FM-224 series wafer mounter/ tape mounter FM-334 series wafer mounter/ tape mounter FM-664 series wafer mounter/ tape mounter FM-900series