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Die Matrix Expander

Motorized expander is a device that has an electric motor drive system to strike up the expansion stage.

Recently, performance required for Die Matrix Expander system has become more difficult with the diversification of the process such as the type and thicjness of the wafer, device type, dicing method ...etc.

EX series adopted the motor drive system with excellent repratability and high accuracy for stage stroke up. There are EX-300 model up to 12-inch and EX-200 model up to 8-inch.

Motor drive expander EX-200
Photo:EX-300 for 12-inch

- The expansion stroke setting by 0.1mm step
- Possible to set the expansion speed
- Recipe function for expansion operating(speed)
- Microcomputer control, touch panel operation
- Preheating function

■Grip Ring for 12-inch: GR-12

Wafer that has been extended, and gripped by "Grip Ring for 12-inch(GR-12)"


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