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Die Matrix Expander

LEX series of Die Matrix Expander support to the expansion stroke of 15mm or less, though the normal expander is difficult to stroke 15mm or less.

Recently, the performance of the device to pick up the chips of the wafer after dicing has been improved. Dicing street(the width of each chip-to-chip)width is even slightly, it is coming enabled to pick up the chip.

As a result, the wafer after dicing are also able to be picked up extended less than before.

On the other hand, in order to cut out the chip as many as possible from the one wafer, chips are put to the edge of wafer.

0mm die matric expander LEX-200

However, the chip is too close to the edge of the wafer during expansion, there is a problem even in the pickup device performance was improved, and you can not handle well at the time of pick-up, defects occur more.

This LEX system is fitted to grip rings automatically for holding the expanded state without human intervention after expansion of the wafer.

The low-expansion wafer expander also support the expansion stroke 0mm only fitting to grip rings. It's industry's first in our survey.

Adjustment of the height of the expansion stroke is a possible to set a three step preset within the scope of the 10mm. Height adjustment is no longer required.
(*)Our research(June, 2013)


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