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Die Matrix Expander

Wafers require carefully handling to ensure narrow streets and prevent edge chipping after dicing.

The TEX Series of Die Matrix Expanders evenly expands/separates wafers in the X and Y directions so that streets cross all chips.

This eliminates waste issues and facilities chip pickup in such a way that makes mounting in die-bonding processes smoother.

Technovision has provided a variety of die matrix expander, you can select it depending on your requirement from the basic model, low expansion expander, motor drive expander, auto-cut expander ...etc.

After expansion, separated wafer on the tape retain the expanded state by Grip rings(pinching of the outer ring and the inner ring).

Photo:Die Matrix Expander
and expanded wafer

Expansion ratio can be varied as necessary.
Expansion speed can be varied.
The heated expansion stage is helpful for high-ratio expansion.
Expanded film and wafers can be gripped automatically.
Wafer expansion

Wafer to be extended uniformly to X-Y direction

Die matrix expander procedures

Describes the procedure of extension of the wafer by images and movies.

Procedure(images) Procedure(video) Procedure(video)
Expansion procedure(TEX-21BG) Expansion procedure(Movie:TEX-218)
Standard  Model

・Model TEX-21B Series : Up to 6 inches(150mm)
・Model TEX-218 Series : Up to 8 inches(200mm)

Expander products
Low Expansion Expander Motorized Expander Auto-cut Expander

Expansion stroke: 0 - 15mm

High-precision extension operation of the motor drive
(up to 12")

Auto-cutting function model

Low expansion Motorized Auto-cut

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