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Die Matrix Expander
wafer mounter

The street width after wafer dicing is very narrow. Chips interference causes chips or chipping generating, careful cautions are required in handling of a wafer.

“Die matrix expander“ evenly expands/separates wafers in the X and Y directions so that streets cross all chips.

The use of wafer expander is significantly improved chip handling such as pick-up of the chip.

dicing street
wafer expander
1:Uniform expansion
Possible to expand the waferuniformly in the X Y direction.
2:Accuracy and precision stage rises
Tape is stretched and chip interval is spread by the expansion stage rises.
3:Grip rings
Grip rings made of resin grip for expanded wafer automatically.
wafer mounter
wafer mounter features
1.Expansion ratio can be varied as necessary.
2.Expansion speed can be varied.
3.The heated expansion stage is helpful for
   high-ratio expansion.
dicing street
expanding procedure

Wafer expanding procedure

1.Set the inner-ring of Grip rings onto the expansion stage.
2.Place the workpiece on the stage, and lock the workpiece by turning on the CLAMP Switch.
3.Set the outer-ring of Grip rings onto the upper-arm.
4.Turning on the “UP/DOWN” button, the expansion stage moves up to the specified height.
5.Tape and wafer have been expanded, and fitted to the Grip rings.
  Dicing street has been uniformly expanded.
6.Cut the tape and remove the waste of tape.
7.Take out the expanded wafer gripped by Grip rings.
product family
TEX-21B series TEX-218 series TEX-220 series Grip Rings
Support for 6 inch wafer Support for 8 inch wafer Auto-cut function is equipped with Double rings : Inner and outer rings for gripping the tape
6 inch wafer expander TEX-21B series 8 inch wafer expander TEX-218 series Auto-cut wafer expander TEX-220 series Grip rings