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Cassette Cleaning System

Model TCC-803 casette cleaning system is a compact cleaning equipment for high-mix and low-volume production. The purpose is precision cleaning of wafer casette, carrier, box and so on, which are used in the high-end, high-value-added manufacturing process.

Diversification of semiconductor devices, design of rules in the nanometer scale, demand for greater yield under increasingly sophisticated environments. Contamination control is considered to be a critical issue in the resolution of such challenges.
Technovision's cassette cleaning system, Model TCC-803, provides the advanced cleaning know-how required to support these high-level cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning is automatic operation in the process of "Wash"⇒"Rinse"⇒"Dry-1"⇒"Dry-2"⇒"ESD(Static electricity removal)".

are completed automatically.
Cleaning process
Precision cleaning for complex shapes of cassette and box
Rinse process when using a surfactant in washing
Draining process by an air knife
Final dry by low flow hot air knife
(Static electricity removal)
To remove any static electricity and to prevent adhesion of dust

Cleaning system has been produced to implement a number of cleaning know-how such as various rotation and cleaning spray based on considering work of complex shapes.

■Main features

Precision Cleaning
Right and left rotation and moving up and down
Powerful cleaning
Spray at right angles to the groove part
Cleaning by hot DIW built in heater
Complete drying
Move to the drying chamber after draining 99% (water removal)
Small foot-print
Upright design, space-saving

■Operating capacity

Operating capacity
32 pcs/shift (8 hrs)
200 mm cassette
106 pcs/shift (8 hrs)
150 mm cassette
160 pcs/shift (8 hrs)

* Up to 200 mm (8") cassettes

Cassette Cleaning System
Cassette Cleaning System TCC-803

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