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Cleaning Systems

■Wafer container and carrier cleaning systems
  Cassette Cleaning System: Well suited to small-lot production,
R&D,       and high-end devices

■Photomask Cleaning System
  System for large-sized photomasks:
       For PDPs and large masks
  System for medium-sized photomasks:
       Supports up to 620×720 mm
  System for small-sized photomasks:
       Supports up to 460×360 mm or 300×300 mm

■Mask Cleaning System
  TWC-300 Mask Cleaning System

■UV Ozone Cleaning System
  Model UV-208: For use with exposure areas of 208×208 mm
  Model UV-312: For use with exposure areas of 312×312 mm

■Super Clean Heater
  QH series for ultra-pure DI water heating (inline type)
  SH series for clean air heating (inline type)


■Wafer Mounter
  Wafer mounter for dicing
    For both pre-cut and normal tapes
    For pre-cut tape only
    For normal tape only
    For DAF with dicing tape

  Wafer mounter for DAF (Die-Attached Film)
    For single DAF tape
    For DAF with dicing tape

  Functional tape lamination
    Front-protection tape/BG tape
    Rear-protection tape
    Resist film
    Lamination of other films and tapes

  Multi-purpose lamination
    Package boards, glass, ceramic, and others
    Twin tape mounter (two rolls of film can be set to one mounter)

■Die Matrix Expander
  Model TEX-21B: For up to 125 mm (5") wafers
  Model TEX-218: For up to 150 - 200 mm (6 - 8") wafers

■UV Curing System
  LED light source model
  High-pressure Hg lamp model (high-power type)
  Black light model

■Assembly Aid
  Grip Ring
      Bidirectional grip rings that can be applied in either direction
       are available in four sizes.