Jul. 2012

【SEMICON Taiwan 2012:LED光源全自动UV硬化装置UVC-300A海外第一次出现展决定】




Apr. 2012


科技視野有限公司,在中国的上海被召开的『2012上海国际新光源&新能源照明展览会暨论坛』(4/25~4/27期间)Japan-room 的展位,出展·提供有关「光掩膜清洗装置」的技术资料

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July 2007

【The Model FM-664 series】

The Model FM-664 series
The All-purpose Semi-automatic Film Mounter, which can also be utilized for Pre-cut film, was recently introduced into the market.

The Background of Development
Due to the increase in recent diversified film/tape technology used in the dicing process, we have made great efforts and met the demands for a new product, capable of handling laminations for all kinds of films.

The Outline of the Product
This product is an unprecedented film mounter, capable of laminating pre-cut film as well as all kinds of films used in the film laminations. Operators only need to load and unload work-pieces.

Main Features
1. Lamination for Pre-cut film in Dicing process
2. Lamination for Two-layered film (DAF with Dicing film)
3. Lamination for single DAF film-rolled
4. Lamination for film-rolled in Dicing process
5. Lamination for BG film/Front-protection film
6. Available for UV curing film and blue film
7. Supporting wafers up to 200mm/8"

Aug. 2005


Our office will be closed
from August 10(Wed) until August 16(Tue), 2005
for Company holidays.
Please contact us via e-mail or fax during the period, and we will get back to you from August 17(Wed).

Feb. 2005

【The clean room is ready!】

Since we moved office in August, we had been working on preparing clean room, so that we may provide our customers with higher-quality service.
The clean room is now completed, and we will be using them actively for system demonstrations, testing, and product development.

♥ We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in last month’s ICP (IC Packaging) Technology Expo. We feel that it was a greater success than we had ever anticipated!

Dec. 2004

【NEW! Model FX-300: Semi-automatic wafer mounter for 300mm/12" wafers】

We've delivered the first unit, and will be exhibiting display panels at SEMICON JAPAN 2004.
This model is suited for a variety of uses, from DAF lamination critical to high-density packaging, to dicing processes and protection film lamination.

For more details, come visit us at our SEMICON JAPAN booth!

Oct. 2004

【UV curing system, Model UVC-512】

We are currently developing a new UV curing system, Model UVC-512, for exhibition at SEMICON JAPAN 2004.
UVC-512 is a semi-automatic system that supports 300mm/12" wafers. Like the existing 200mm/8" wafer systems (Model UVC-108 and Model UVC-408), it features a compact and lightweight design with a small footprint. It’s definitely something you can look forward to!

Sep. 2004

【Ultra Pure DI Water Heaters /Clean Dry Air Heaters】

Steady shipment continues for our products which are designed for installation into existing systems and lines:

QH series: Ultra Pure DI Water Heaters
SH series: Clean Dry Air Heaters

This implies that cleaning system manufacturers are doing well, and is a clear indication that, not only the system manufacturers, but the semiconductor/FPD industry as a whole is making an economic turnaround. As a member of the community, we are joyful of this, and hope to witness further growth in the coming years.

♣To request a catalog or inquire about our heater products, please go to the Contacts page.

Aug. 2004

【We have settled in at our new office.】

We have settled in at our new office.
In sync with the turnover of the Japanese economy, Technovision will be starting anew at our new locations, to make greater contributions to our customers and to the society.
We’ll be aiming for a more prompt correspondence and delivery ahead of the schedule.
Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything we can do better!

July 2004

【Office Relocation 】

Starting August 1, 2004, Technovision,Inc. will be running its operations at two separate locations (the headquarters and the fab) for business expansion and improved management efficiency. Please see below for the new contact details.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope to serve you with greater commitment from our new locations.

New Address:45-2 Kujiraishinden, Kawagoe city,Saitama 350-0809, Japan
TEL: 81-(0)49-232-0072 (No change)
FAX: 81-(0)49-232-2922 (No change)

Plant: 2078 Nakayama, Kawashima-cho,Hiki-gun, Saitama 350-0165, Japan
TEL: 81-(0)49-299-1385

June 2004

【Model FX-300】

We have received an order from a leading foundry company for our 300mm/12" semi-automatic wafer mounter, Model FX-300.
FX-300 was co-developed with a leading film manufacturer, and is designed for die attach / die bonding film lamination. It is also designed for use with special films that have both DAF and dicing functionalities.

Needless to say, it can also be used as a single-purpose system for lamination of dicing films or protection films.

May 2004

【We now have our new cassette cleaner system】

We now have our new cassette cleaner system, Model TCC-801, installed and available for demonstration.
TCC-801 was designed for precision cleaning of wafer cassettes, carriers, and boxes used with high-end devices. It features various cleaning technologies and functions unseen in our previous products.
Leaving generic products and container cleaning to manufacturers overseas, we aim to satisfy the needs of customers in the high-end, high-value added, and high-mix low-volume production fields.

Apr. 2004

【"科技視野有限公司" This is our Chinese corporate name.】

As we have reported last month, we were pleased to host many visitors at our booth during SEMICON CHINA 2004.
From the global semiconductor manufacturing plant "China", with technologies from "Japan", Technovision will continue to contribute to the semiconductor industry and to the world.